The Din of Eon LP

DAC 2013

Ben Miller (voice) 
Franck Vigroux (electronics)
LP, Vinyl, Album
Transistor was founded in new york city by Ben Miller (voice) and Franck Vigroux (electronics). Their collaboration began in 2009 followed by live performances in Europe and the US. 
After a well-received first LP in 2010, Transistor is releasing a new studio album, 'The Din of Eons'.
Transistor's live performance is known to produce intense physical energy with the use of Vigroux's sub-bass frequencies and Miller's cryptic vocal stance.

Deuxième LP du duo franco-américain Transistor. Formé à New York en 2009 après quelques concerts et un premier LP l'année suivante, les protagonistes de Transistor sont Ben Miller (ex-Destroy all monsters) et Franck Vigroux.

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