Austral DVD

DAC 2031

Austral is a mixed ensemble piece, electronics and video, originally composed for "Laborintus" (contemporary ensemble). a musical and visual work revolves around a pre-existing sound and its media (vinyl, cd, tape, ... Hz) or a process Generescence (and degeneration) be a body (object) or visual.

Austral provides access to biological memory and artifacts while promoting an exchange relationship with individuals. Austral is organized around the unfolding of a videographic and electronic composition describing a series of natural and urban landscapes, gleaned during a trip between the Argentine and Chilean border in 2009.

21:54min, 2009 

Image générative . montage video . Composition Erikm.
avec Hélène Breschand (Harpe), Sylvain Kassap (Clarinettes), Franck Masquelier (Flûtes), Anaïs Moreau (Violoncelle), Philippe Cornus (Percussions)

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