Triste Lilas CD


Franck Vigroux (electronic), Hélène Breschand (harp), Marc Ducret (guitar), Bruno Chevillon (bass), Michel Blanc (drums) , Jenn Priddle (voice).

Latest installment of a trilogy (Lilas Triste, Looking for Lilas), Triste Lilas is the idea of projecting a musical theater first so discography or even "post-radio" of consider improvised music as a malleable material, using the text as red thread, while distorting the narrative of English in French in order to identify two bodies (in all senses of the term) opposed, as from black and white to color. through his energy, multiplicity of stamps, sad lilac includes many features that help shape a single disk where Vigroux, true theater director, traces the outlines of a path taken with brilliance all the musicians on the album.

12,00 €