Me madame CD

DAC 5002

Franck Vigroux (analog synthesizers, electroacoustic guitar, turntables)
Matthew Bourne (acoustic + electric piano, analog synthesizers, vocals)

This album is the union of musicians and their fingers on all sorts of electronic machines, synthesizers, acoustic & electric piano, guitars, turntables. Unclassifiable artists who can be heard in jazz festivals, metal trash, art galleries, they met in 2007 while Vigroux led the orchestra in Leeds improvised music which was Bourne fender rhodes.

"French player Franck Vigroux offers me more the sort of heavily-intellectualised gritty studio art-noise which always finds favor with me; the pair of them using synths, keyboards, voice, guitar, turntables and ferocious electro-acoustic processing to create a delicious, fast-edit structure that, through rigorous planning, conveys exciting sensations of utter chaos, a helter-skelter ride to emancipation for your mind. Everything I’ve heard from him has been quality work." The Sound Projector

12,00 €