Rapport sur le Désordre


At the junction of electronics, electroacoustic, noise and contemporary music, Franck Vigroux explores sound territories, continuously pushing boundaries. He faces his practices with other forms of art, creating trans-disciplinary projects. Several tracks in Rapport sur le Désordre can be found in Centaure, the performative audio-visual show created with video producer and Werktank founder Kurt D’Haeseleer. 

The pieces Centaure and Rapport sur le désordre are the final chapters of a dense series on dystopia, implemented over several years: the radio piece D503 which is inspired by the novel of Eugène Zamiatine, the albums Camera Police and We as well as the two trans-disciplinary shows Nous Autres et Aucun Lieu.

Rapport sur le Désordre

cat. n° : DAC1307 

Format: LP, Digital

Release : Sept. 19th, 2016

Design: ABM Studio

Distribution: Ready-Made

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