Fully embracing its penchant for explorative music, DAC Records invites Alex Augier.

This time, Germination, his first solo EP, is purely musical work composed of organic, visceral, living sounds, both

fragile and mighty. The electronic music is free of constraints imposed by the dedicated instruments. Embodied by large dynamic ranges and a constantly moving temporality, Germination tells an evolving process, in full bloom, with its share of mutations and strange directions.

Germination is composed of four tracks, including one remix by Roly Porter. In the same vein as Alex Augier, the cofounder of Subtext Recordings explores the boundaries of experimental music, both electronically and instrumentally.

Cat. N°: DAC2017

Format: EP, Digital

Release date: January 26th, 2018

Design & Photography: ABM Studio

Vinyl Distribution:

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9,00 €